Cannabis Website Design is located in the Okanagan area of¬†British Columbia, Canada. Known around the world as the home of award winning “BC Bud”, British Columbia leads Canada as the friendliest Marijuana and Cannabis Province in the country. You can often walk the streets of anywhere in BC and smell the aroma of someone taking their medicine.

okanagWhile recreational Cannabis has been promised to be legalized Canada-wide by the Liberal Government in the next couple years, only Medical Cannabis is legal currently at this time across Canada. We also realize there is now a GLOBAL movement to legalize Cannabis / Marijuana. There are many areas in the world where medical and/or recreational use is completely legal. We are here to provide our website design and hosting services to businesses located in legalized areas all around the world.

Cannabis Website Design does not sell or provide any kind of actual physical Marijuana or Cannabis products.

We ARE however a provider of Design and Hosting Services to businesses who wish to have a website created for their specific needs. Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries, Online Stores, Compassion Clubs and Societies, Recreational Cannabis Storefronts or Online Storefronts. We have already built websites for legal Health Canada Licensed Producers, as well as Medicinal Dispensaries.

Check out our Services page, or Contact Us today for more information. We look forward to helping your business join the online world!

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